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Traxxon Foundation Equipment is dedicated to bringing you the leading brands in the foundation equipment industry, so you can have the confidence to complete your next construction project to the best of your ability.

ABI Group is one of the worldwide market leaders in the production of civil engineering machines and offers in pile driving, drilling and pressing techniques an extensive program of machines, tools and attachments. ABI MOBILRAM-Systems and DELMAG drill rigs all belong to ABI Gruppe in Niedernberg, Germany. Each of these brands stands for civil engineering machines of the highest technological level and quality.


Based on site experience ABI has re-designed the ABI MOBILRAM for even higher performance and safety. The new improved version features a stronger mast with even greater usable length. As option a docking system is available which allows the operator to change tools by a push of a button. Further new is a so called CAN-BUS control system with touch screen computer control panel. All control related joy sticks and elements are ergonomically designed and positioned for smooth operation. The engines fulfil the latest environmental standards.


Since the mid-sixties DELMAG has been developing and producing hydraulically powered drilling rigs for the installation of foundation and shoring piles.

The long tradition is kept alive in Niedernberg after the takeover through ABI, where the Delmag rigs are further-on developed and produced in the same robust and reliable manner.