A liquid surfactant, SC-200 is a safe, clean, and cost-effective approach to waterwell development and rehabilitation. This wetting agent enhances the dispersing efficiency of other well rehabilitation products.
SC-200 enables these products to enter into the pores and cracks of the encrustations, thereby accelerating the rehabilitation process.


SC-200 is an ideal wetting agent used in the rehabilitation of old and new wells. SC-200 enhances the dispersing efficiency of the BMR in the removal of clay and silt. Additionally, LBA and DPA are more effective when used in tandem with SC-200.


  • Increases water production in new and old wells
  • Minimizes sand pumping in test development
  • SC-200 is nontoxic, non-corrosive, and nonflammable
  • Speeds penetration of cleaning products by increasing the surface area of the materials to be removed and/or cleaned


1. Test well pH before starting treatment. Disconnect pumping system.

2. Calculate quantity of SC-200 required using the Dosage Table. Normal dosage is 5-7% solution. If gravel pack is present, the volume of water in it should be accounted for as part of the total well volume (typical porosity of gravel pack is 30-40%).

3. Pour SC-200 directly inside the casing. Agitate the well by high pressure jetting, compressed air, or surging for 1-4 hours.

4. If only developing the well, pump the well until all the surfactants and particulate matter are removed from the well. If SC-200 is being used as a wetting agent for well rehabilitation, you must purge the SC-200 from the well before adding other well rehabilitation treatment products directly into the well.



5 gallon pail, 27 or 28 per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped.