By combining two fluid loss additives together a solution was developed for controlling slurry fluid loss in drilled shafts. SAND SEALANT a  specially blended dry powdered mineral and MULTI-SEAL a dry select
blend of four types of materials a flake material, a granular material, a fine fibrous material, and coarse fibers used for fluid loss control. SAND SEALANT/MULTI-SEAL added to a hole filled with SHORE PAC slurry,
reduces slurry seepage into saturated open porous permeable cobbles, sands, and gravels.

SAND SEALANT/MULTI-SEAL recipe is mixed next to the drilled shaft in proportions listed below to ensure maximum effectiveness as a plugging agent. SAND SEALANT/MULTI-SEAL is designed to hold drilled
shafts open overnight preventing slurry fluid loss. A powdered solid, SAND SEALANT, and MULTI-SEAL, a dry blend of four types of materials, is highly recommended as an additive to SHORE PAC when drilling in gravel, cobble, and loose saturated sands.


Unconsolidated or highly permeable formations, natural fractures or voids, induced or created fractures, and of course the cavernous types that are the most troublesome and expensive loss zones. SAND SEALANT/MULTI-SEAL is added to the base SHORE PAC drilling slurry to increase excavation stability by controlling fluid loss in cobble, gravel, and sand formations.


  • Assists holding excavations open for extended periods
  • Will not change skin friction qualities of SHORE PAC slurry
  • Does not interfere with natural gravity settling of solids
  • Works in saltwater as well as freshwater conditions
  • Reduces fluid seepage in porous granular soils


Equipment Needed: 32 gallon heavy duty plastic trash can, ½ inch drill with long mud mixer drill bit, and an electric power cord to reach hole. Set-up and mix directly next to the hole.

(1) First add 30 gallons water or slurry into 32 gallon trash can
(2) Add ½ bag SAND SEALANT and begin to mix
(3) Add ½ bag MULTI-SEAL and continue to mix with a ½ inch drill and long mud mixer bit until you have a thick oatmeal consistency
(4) Pour entire mix into hole in one slug with drill tool out of the hole
(5) Continue drilling. Add immediately when experiencing fluid loss



50 lb (22.7 kg) pails, 36 pails per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped.