INSTA-CLEAR DRY is designed to lower pH, break emulsions, and remove high levels of suspended solids. INSTA-CLEAR DRY is a specially blended dry granular product designed for both polymer slurry and water filled boreholes. When added into either type, INSTA-CLEAR DRY reacts instantly to settle suspended solids and decrease turbidity. INSTA-CLEAR DRY can be added at the tank, or directly to the excavation prior to clean-out. INSTA-CLEAR DRY clears the slurry rapidly of silt and sand build-up. It works fast for water sampling and downhole filming.



Flocculation of suspended fines cuts the turbidity (cloudiness) of water slurry, allowing for the improved clarity of downhole camera inspections. The resulting images provide a better visual inspection of soil or rock strata and verification of a clean, sound bottom required for end bearing shafts. INSTA-CLEAR DRY also eliminates sediment buildup on the rebar cage and on the bottom of the shaft by instantly settling fines and suspended solids for removal before placement of the cage.


INSTA-CLEAR DRY is designed to remove high levels of suspended solids, lower pH, and break polymer emulsions. It is ideally suited for totally cleaning polymer slurry for disposal. INSTA-CLEAR DRY lowers the pH back to a neutral pH of 7-8 and lowers the viscosity back to 28- 32 sec/qt. INSTA-CLEAR DRY can be used to break the slurry in place of sodium hypochlorite (bleach). INSTA-CLEAR DRY added directly into an excavation in unstable sand and gravel should be done with caution, as INSTA-CLEAR DRY flocculates the pearls of polymer along with the suspended solids.


  • Instant and rapid settling of suspended solids
  • Lowers pH & viscosity for disposal of polymer slurry
  • Dry formula is safe, salt tolerant, and easy to use



To mix, slowly sift INSTA-CLEAR DRY into a flowing stream of water or polymer slurry. Circulate contents of the slurry tank with a centrifugal or diaphragm pump for 10 minutes. When added directly into the borehole or mud pit, stir and mix the slurry with the drilling tool for 5 minutes then prepare to clean-out the bottom of the borehole. Add 40 lbs (18 kg) (1 pail) of INSTA-CLEAR DRY per 3,000 gallons (11 m3) of polymer slurry. For fresh or saltwater use 1 lb per 75 gallons (0.45 kg per 284 liters) of water in the borehole.


Pre-mix in 5 gallon pails for best results @ 10 lbs per 5 gallon mix until dissolved. When added directly into the borehole, stir and mix the slurry with the drilling tool for 5 minutes then clean-out the bottom of the borehole.


When using INSTA-CLEAR DRY to clarify water/remove suspended solids in a well before running a camera, first calculate the volume of water in the well and determine the appropriate dosage based on the estimated volume of water. A 40 lb (18 kg) pail of INSTA-CLEAR DRY is sufficient for 3,000 gallons (11 m3) of water, or about 0.0133 lbs per gallon (0.14 kg/liter)

Example: 8” well with 300 ft of water:
8” borehole is 2.61 gal/ft x 300 ft = 783 gallons
783 gallons x 0.0133 lbs = 10.4 lbs of INSTA-CLEAR DRY

Example: 20 cm diameter well with 90 meters of water:
20 cm borehole is 32.4 l/m x 90 m = 2.97 m3
2.97 m3 x 0.14 kg/l = 4.7 kg of INSTA-CLEAR DRY

Take half the required amount of INSTA-CLEAR DRY and mix it in a 5 gallon (20 liter) pail of water and pour it down the well. Mix the other half of the product and pour it downhole. Wait approximately 5 min and pour in 10 to 15 gallons (40-50 liters) of clean water to flush the casing. Let the well stand for  approximately 1 hour, and then send the camera down for inspection of the well.



40 lb pail, 32 per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped