ACCU-VIS is a liquid copolymer designed for fast field mixing, viscosity building, and clay/shale stabilization in aqueous drilling fluids. ACCU-VIS is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects.


ACCU-VIS can be used to inhibit clay and shale hydration, as well as an additive in bentonite drilling fluids to increase viscosity and lower fluid loss. It may also be used with BELLE/CETCO CRUMBLES to make a high solids grout. ACCU-VIS can also be used in drilled shafts. When added into SHORE PAC slurry.

ACCU-VIS instantly boosts the viscosity, for improved viscosity, fluid loss control, bit lubrication, and shale stabilization/ inhibition. Delivers instant viscosifying performance.


  • 50% active ingredient
  • Can be mixed directly in the borehole or excavation
  • Eliminates clay and shale swelling, bit balling, and sticking problems
  • Excellent additive with BELLE/CETCO CRUMBLES for a high solids grout
  • Fast mixing
  • Forms a tight, thin filter cake in unstable formations
  • Improves loading and removal of spoils
  • Improves skin friction
  • Maintains borehole integrity in horizontal and vertically drilled holes


When using ACCU-VIS, pre-treat mix water with SODA ASH to a pH above 8.5. Always mix bentonite first and then add ACCU-VIS. To breakdown ACCU-VIS, add 0.5 gallon (2.25 L) of household-strength (3%-5% active) sodium hypochlorite (bleach) per 100 gallons (454 L) of drilling fluid.

When using ACCU-VIS in a SHORE PAC slurry, pre-treat mix water with SODA ASH to a pH above 8.5. Always mix SHORE PAC first and then add ACCUVIS. To breakdown ACCU-VIS, add 1 gallon (3.8 L) of pool-grade (12%-15% active) sodium hypochlorite (bleach) per 1,000 gallons (3785 L) of SHORE PAC slurry.


(44 lb (20 kg) pail, 32 per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped).