MAT Mixers are specifically designed to produce a flowable suspension from one or several fluids and one or several powder solids. Beside centrifugal, shear and cavitation forces caused by the mixing paddles, MAT Mixers utilize the turbulent kinetic f low energy that is generated by the pump to reach the best possible dispersion of the mixing components. This prevents the formation of solid accumulations and clusters and simultaneously results in a homog-enous, optimally dispersed product. The MAT Mixing Technology can be used both for batch and continuous operation and is suitable f or low to highly viscous mix consistencies.

CMS 45

Containerized Mixing System


– 1.8 m³ colloidal mixer
– 4 m³ agitator tank
– 1.8 m³ Water Buffer Tank
– Control cabinet with PLC control and touch display
– Compressor for control of pneumatic valves
– 20’ container frame
– Air filter


– Booster Pump
– High Pressure Cleaner
– Additive batching
– Air Loosening
– Connection 3. Vibrator & 3. Screw Conveyor


Eccentric Screw Pump


Pumping medium: Solids-bearing liquids (such as cement slurry)
Density of pumping medium: Approx. 1.8 kg/dm³
Solids particle size: Up to 2 mm
Suction head: Flooded suction
Delivery rate: Qmin: 200 liters per minute up to 14 bar
Qnenn: 600 liters per minute up to 14 bar (52 Hz)