Flocculent Station

FA 5000/02

The flocculent station is designed specifically to ensure optimal processing of the flocculent agent prior to adding it to the decanter centrifuge BD 90/75.
The unit can batch and process both solid and optionally also liquid flocculants.


– Suitable for all types of powder products
– 2 batching tanks made of V2A stainless steel
– No lump formation due to innovative mixing head
– Gentle mixing of water and polymer products
– Fully automatic and manual operation possible
– Operation via 15” touchscreen including graphic display
– Versatile connectivity option via interfaces for integration into your process
– Extensive range of options and individual customization

Max. flocculent concentration: 1 %

Max. mixing capacity: 5.000 dm³/h

Max. power requirement overall system: 7,5 kW

Dimensions L x W x H (approx.): 6.060 x 2.440 x 2.590 mm

Weight empty (approx.): 3.500 kg